Waste Water Treatment Plant

Chad Dotson, Supervisor

110 Lawson Street

Centerville, TN  37033

(931) 729-4265

In 1968, the Town of Centerville wasterwater treatment plant was established.  It was a 350,000 gallon/day contact stabilization-activated sludge treatment plant.  The plant was upgraded in 1984 to a 750,000 gal/day, extended aeration-activated sludge plant.  The most recent upgrade was completed in 2014 making the plant a 900,000 gal/day plant with a 2,000,000 gallon equalization basin. See more information below.


Chad Dotson, Supervisor

Greg Edwards

The lab inside the main building is where water  quality is monitored.  Daily test ensure the water returned to the Duck River meets all requirements set by state and federal regulations.

The lab is kept spotless as you would expect any testing area to be.  An interesting note, the water returned to the Duck River is cleaner than the water drawn from Swan Creek for our customer's consumption.

This is the belt press.  Its function is to "dewater" the sludge.  The dried sludge is trucked offsite and used for fertilizer.

Three, 100-horsepower air blowers are used for ariation, the process of introducing oxygen into the waste water.

The EQ Basin is the largest tank in the plant.  Measuring 57 feet across and 19 feet in depth, it can hold up to 1.9 million gallons.

The Clarifier Basin or "Settling Basin" is where solids are allowed to separate and "settle" as part of the treatment process.

The Ariation Basin is where oxygen is introduced.  Microbiological activity here continues the treatment process.

Covering over 3 acres, the Centerville Waste Water Treatment Plant is qualified to handle the waste needs of the town for years to come.  This plant plays a vital role in industrial recruitment by ensuring prospects of our ability to serve their needs.

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