Your Help is Needed to Protect the Quality of Our Drinking Water 

Cross-Connection Program

The Town of Centerville works hard to ensure that the water we bring to your home is the safest, purest available.  That is why we are constantly on the alert for any situation that would degrade that purity.  Our cross-connection prevention program is one way that our maintenance department safeguards that the water you and your familty drinks is always the best.  We believe, however, that every water customer should know about cross-connections. A cross-connection is any pipe, valve, fixture, etc. in a drinking water plumbing system that may allow the drinking water within the system to become contaminated or questionable in quality.  Even a lawn sprinkler system can be a potential source for contamination.  Cross-connections can be eliminated or protected by an air gap (free) or mechanical backflow prevention.  Please contact Nelson Harrington at or 931/729-4246 ext. 130 for more information.  More information is included in the PDF files below:

Cross-Connection Control Manual
Cross Connection Control Manual.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [589.6 KB]
Town of Centerville Cross-Connection Plan
Cross Connection Plan Final.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [756.6 KB]

Take a moment and download more information and take part in our survey, you can mail the information to 

P.O. Box 238  Centerville, TN  37033

or drop off at our drive-thru window located at 102 E Swan Street in Centerville.

Information Sheet and Survey(s)
cross connect survey 23.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [103.4 KB]

Air gaps can fix these potential cross-contamination is FREE and easy.  Just make sure that a hose is not left in your jacuzzi or swimming pool.  There must be a vertical, unobstructed distance of at least twice the internal diameter of the outlet pipe, but never less than one inch.


Lawn irrigation systems should have a backflow valve device installed.  

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