In Loving Memory

of Assistant Chief of Police

Tim Buchanan



He left us way too soon.  His town misses him dearly.


Centerville Police Department

Shanon Irwin, Chief of Police                                Danny Roberts, Asst. Chief

Coordinates public safety efforts in the city. Through investigations, patrols, detective, and other efforts, the police work to deter and prevent crime.


Meet our officers:



Shanon Irwin, Chief of Police

(931) 729-4246, ext. 113

Danny Roberts, Assistant Chief of Police


James Hill, Sergeant

(931) 729-4246, ext. 117

Jonathan O'Guin, Patrol

Tommy McClanahan, Patrol

Caleb Pitman, Patrol

Neal Shaffer, Patrol

coming soon

Patrick Brady

coming soon

Vincent Coates

coming soon

Dillan Cheeves

coming soon

Michael Clickner

coming soon

Ben Green

coming soon

Nick Herzog

coming soon

Tyler Mobley

coming soon

Noah Nicholson

coming soon

Dusty Talley


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