Click the links below to see our guys in action!  Way to go Nelson Harrington and Drew Elliott...they repaired the leak with a record time of 30.68 seconds!!!!  Randy Johnson and Chad Dotson are in the second link. So proud of the work they do for the city.


Not hiring at this time.  Check back often.

Maintenance Department

Erik Hassell, Public Works Director

Beginning the week of July 24, 2017, the schedule for special pick-up, which include brush and limbs, is changing.  There will only be 4 months within the year for pick-ups.  These months will be, March, June, September and December with exception to storm damage.  You just call City Hall at 931/729-4246 with name and address to be put on our list.

Meet our maintenance crew:

Erik Hassell, Public Works Director

Oversees all water, sewer, and gas lines and installations.  Also supervises city street maintenance.  He can be reached at (931) 729-4246, ext. 121 or his secretary,  at ext. 122.

Megan Bentley

Bailey Blocker

Ricky Chandler

Nathan Clinard, Natural Gas 

Assists the Public Works Director in overseeing the daily activities of the gas department.  He can be reached at (931) 729-4246, ext. 127.

Drew Elliott

Al Fowlkes

Handles day to day customer read ins and outs. Manages radio meter reading.

Nelson Harrington

Manages cross connection compliance.

Tim Horan

Randy Johnson

Josh Stewart

Mark Truett

Kelly Hawkins, Sanitation Truck

Jerilyn McFarlin, Sanitation Truck

Ethan England, Sanitation Truck

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